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We love balmy summer nights. We love dancing under the stars. We love the chink of champagne glasses clashing. We love celebrating love. And we love that we get to be a part of your most special day - that’s why we started Tp and co.

We are Adele and Simon, the faces and founders behind Tp and co. the licensed owners of Sperry Tents Perth, and since 2016 we have been bringing a touch of luxe to Perth’s events. Inspired by our travels, we wanted to introduce something different to the place that we call home; cool, luxury outdoor spaces. Not only are we Perth’s exclusive suppliers of Sperry Tents ™ we are the original providers of giant Kata Tipis.

Check out more from us at our Tp and co site.


In 1979, sailmaker Steve Sperry built the first-ever Sperry Tent using his fabric design skills and the materials available in his sail loft, Sperry Sails. Little did he know that this prototype would evolve into a full line of rental tents whose look and feel would create an international revolution in event tents.

Sperry Wood Manufacture

The source of our signature tapered spruce poles.

Poles Manufacture Sperry

Sawmill blade closeup.

Design Sperry History

Matt Sperry, president of sister company Sperry Fabric Architecture, designs Sperry Tents and oversees their specs and manufacturing.

Sailcloth Sperry warehouse

The Sperry Fabric Architecture barn in Rochester, MA, features an open loft floor and was sustainably constructed from locally sourced pine and super insulated panels.

Sew sailcloth tents

Hand stitching by trained craftsmen is the hallmark of an authentic Sperry Tent.

Stitching tent sailcloths perry

The Sperry family’s sailmaking heritage is evident in every tent detail, like this perimeter patch.

Sperry tent round

The first-ever Sperry Tent 1979, designed and built by Steve Sperry.

For outdoor weddings, community and corporate events, and special occasions of all sizes, Sperry Tents’ elegant, handcrafted rental tents are perfect for any setting, from backyards and wineries to historic estates and beaches. Our sailcloth tents – manufactured from genuine sailcloth by New England-based sailmakers and available only from our exclusive network of providers – are in demand by the world’s foremost event planners and caterers due to their exquisite detailing, impressive silhouettes, and elegant look, inside and out.


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