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I love the tents. What should I do next?  

Contact us via the contact page, and we will send you our Event kit that includes all of our pricing and packages directly to your inbox. If you need further information, regarding availability or specific requests you can just hit reply to our email or book in for a face-to-face Zoom chat with me, Adele, by hitting the “Book a chat” link. We can chat about your venue, our availability for your preferred date as well as the right tent to suit your needs. If you just want to check availability of your preferred date, you can simply hit reply and I’ll come back to you within 48 hours. If you’re ready to go ahead and book and you have a confirmed date, venue and know the approximate number of guests and style (cocktail or sit down) just hit the “Get a Quote” link in your first contact email and we will get a quote back to you within 48 hours.   


Are your tents weatherproof?  

Yes, our tents are completely weatherproof. Our tipis can be configured to give you the best protection from the wind and rain or, extreme heat. Our Sperry Tents come with clear sides that can be easily rolled up or down throughout your event to suit the changing weather conditions (i.e. KO-ing the Freo Doctor).  


Where can we set up your tents? Can you recommend a venue?   

As long as there is even-ish ground that is penetrable for peg use, we can set up just about anywhere! You’ll find in our media kit our preferred venues that have been tried and tested by us and whom we work with closely and on the reg. If you are looking at a venue that is on council land you will require a permit. We are most happy to assist with this once you have secured your booking with us.  


We have access to a private property, can we set up your tents there?  

Yes! We adore a private property event! We just ask that there are no main amenities (I.e., high voltage power, high-pressure gas, water mains etc.) running beneath the site. Whilst we are expert level reticulation avoiders, we ask you have someone on site while we install the tents to ensure we won’t cause any damage. If you’d like us to attend a site visit to your preferred venue then we are most happy to arrange this.  


Do you have any common configurations or floor plans to give us ideas?  

Yes we do, depending on the number of guests, whether you’re going for a cocktail style or sit-down event, and number of tipis or Sperry required. Once you have confirmed your booking with us, we are most happy to assist you in creating a custom floor plan to suit your personal needs. You will find some suggested floor plans on our website.   


Do you provide packages with the tents + extras?  

We can provide our beautiful tents, plus the perfect amount of lighting to suit your needs, as well as a soft flooring for more polished events. You’ll find our packages outlined in our Event kit, sent directly to you via the contact page. We also offer kilim rugs, fire pits and timber trestle tables and bench seats.  


How long do we get access to the tents?  

The hire period is for 24 hours. As we often like to bump in the day before your event, and bump out the day after, this can sometimes be a maximum of 48 hours.  We will confirm your Bump In/Out schedule 4-8 weeks prior to your event date. We do not recommend planning any additional celebrations the tents prior to or following your event. If you’d like to have access to the tents for longer than the 24-hour period we offer an additional-day hire fee.   


When will you set up the tent/s for our event?  

Usually for a single tipi or 10m round Sperry tent we will install the tent on the day of your event. For 2+ tipis or our larger Sperry tents we prefer to set up the day prior, venue allowing, and bump out the following morning at about 10am.   


Do you offer on the day styling and coordination?  

Event management is an essential service required to ensure all runs smoothly on the day. As we are often not on site on the day of your event, we do not offer styling and event management services. We highly recommend that you invest in a planner/stylist and coordinator for your special day – they really are worth their weight in gold! You’ll find a comprehensive list of our preferred stylist and planners in our Event kit.  


How many tipis/what size Sperry will I need for my event?  

This all depends on how many guests you will have at your event, as well as whether you want a cocktail style or sit-down reception. We have suggested suitable numbers within our Event kit. Contact us now to receive it directly to your inbox.  


Are there any extra costs associated with the hire?  

Our prices are all-inclusive of installation, and dismantlement as well as delivery within the Perth Metro area (within 20km of the Perth CBD). Venues outside of this region may incur a transit fee which is strictly to recover additional costs associated with staff travelling to your venue and fuel costs.   


How much do I need to pay upfront?  

We have a booking fee of 40% of your invoice amount to confirm your date with us. This takes that date off our calendar which then belongs to you! The remainder of the invoice is then due 8 weeks prior to your event. We have a cooling off period of 7 days from payment of your booking fee, if you have a change of mind. If you cancel or change the date your booking after this 7-day period, we will retain this booking fee to cover our opportunity cost of removing your booked date from our calendar. If you cancel or change date within the 8 weeks prior to your event we will retain the full amount of your booking (100% of invoice 1&2).  See our T&Cs attached to your quote for further information.  


What happens if our wedding date is impacted by COVID restrictions?  

If government mandated restrictions interfere with your date (I.e. a lockdown) we will gladly postpone your event for up to 18 months without additional charges or changes to pricing. If you decide to cancel your event, we will retain your full invoice amount and your booking will be treated as a “cancellation” - see our T&Cs for further information.   


I still have a question you’ve not answered here, what do I do?   

Contact us via our contact page and when we send you our event kit either hit “Book a Chat” or simply reply to the email with your questions and we will get back to you ASAP!  

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